Proud to sponsor Matrix Community Summit 2023

Proud to sponsor Matrix Community Summit 2023

A minor update on the last post we've made about going to the MatrixSummit:

šŸŽŠ We will be sponsoring the event šŸŽŠ

As a non-profit foundation we do not much money ourselves, but it is important to recognize the ecosystem you are in and the work of others you depend on. As for any openly developed protocol its users and thus its community are vital for its adoption, growth and the realization of its potential.

So far most of that community growth has happened online and tangent to other conferences like FOSDEM (where the yearly "State of the Matrix"-talk is held), but since last year some Matrix Community members are trying to start a Matrix-dedicated format. We were already present at the first edition last year, back then as EFFEKTIO and for the Element Matrix-Rust-SDK-project. The more proud I am to announce today that the board has granted that we'd be buying a sponsoring ticket for this years edition as well.

With this modest contribution we want to double down on our commitment to grow the Matrix ecosystem and continue helping the adoption of this great technology.

See you there!