Next round of funding secured

CISU, Roskilde and Tuborgfondet threw their hats in the ring and now we have major parts of the upcoming budget funded!

Acter Association is pleased to announce that it was able to secure another round of funding from NGO's and other partners to work on building a truly effective organizing app for the civil sector and grass root initiatives.

This latest round of funding was lead by existing previously partners but also new partners joined for the first time. Most notably, we want to thank ActionAid Denmark, CISU, Civil Society in Development, the Roskilde foundaton and Tuborgfondet for believing in us and what we are intending to do. Their commitment in both money as well as connections and led to further support from international philantropic funders who focuses on supporting social and climate justice initiatives.

With these contributions a major part of our budget for the next months is secured, allowing us to plow ahead and getting a first version of the app ready. We still have to adapt our budget and crunch some of the number but it even looks like we might be able to extend the team by one or two further positions before the end of the year thanks to those funds. We are eternally grateful to these organizations as well as anyone, who supported us along the way.

Thanks everyone!